Farty Marty

Also at San Diego: I woke up in the middle of the night in my bottom bunk. This old Chief was squatted there beside me and he was just watching me. I guess he was a Chief - he was wearing khaki's. I couldn't see him very good but it looked like he was pretty short and had a flat top haircut. I think his hair was grey - looked grey in the dark.  I jumped when I saw him there - scared the beans out of me.  He knew I was awake. He reached out and cuffed his hand over my mouth. I just laid there quiet. The barracks watch was coming toward us, walking along slow and easy. When the watch got past us , this guy stood up and quietly moved up behind him. He grabbed the watch from behind, put him in a head lock with one arm around his neck and cuffed the other hand over his mouth - the way he did to me. He acted like he knew what he was doing. In a real spooky way he said, "I just strangled a guy over there. You better get some help." He then released the sentry and took off running. He disappeared and the sentry started hollering. All the lights came on and people were jumping out of their bunks, running around every which way. The Battalion Duty Officer showed up. He ordered us to take a full muster. He also had the companies in the other barracks around us woke up and mustered. There were police cars and flashing lights everywhere. It all started about 0230. There were no missing people and no bodies found. It was 0330 before things quieted down. I  don't think many of us got any sleep after that. It was really crazy - I often wonder what that old Chief was really up to that night. Our CC said that kind of stuff was not allowed.

REPLY FROM OLD SENIOR CHIEF 1946: We had a similar incident in my company. I don't remember all of the details about it but it had everybody spooked for several days after it happened. Makes me wonder. The guy in our barracks was also believed to be a Chief, but no one could give a good description of him. I guess that would be a good place to play games, if you have a few kinks to work out.