The next time somebody asks me how I am doing this will be my response:

I have bad corns on both my feet and they hurt like hell, blisters on my heels, both knees ache all the time and I get bad cramps in the calves of both of my legs - specially at night when I try to sleep, I have a hernia the size of a cantaloupe, a flaming hemorrhoid at least six inches long is hanging out, I fart all of the time and my belly gurgles and it hurts all over, I have heart palpitations, trouble breathing with bad coughing spells, I have a bad headache that comes and goes - never goes away, I can't see past the end of my own nose, my piss dribbles out when I don't want it to - won't come out at all when I want it to, I got a bad skin rash with the itch in places I won't name here and I haven't had a good bowel movement in over a week. I have trouble going to sleep and if I do get off to sleep, I wake up after 15 minutes in a big panic because I thought I heard the GQ gong going off.  I 'spect to die almost any day now - God willing, I will die in my sleep. That pretty well sums it up. But I ain't dead yet and that is saying something, praise the Lord for that.

Now what else do you want to know about me?